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Police: Motorists faking positive results to pass checkpoints will be admitted to hospital

The Uganda Police has hinted at people who have been pretending to be COVID-19 positive  to pass police checkpoints will not be left to go on anymore but admitted to the hospital immediately.

The Chief Political Commissar of the Uganda Police, AIGP Asan Kasingye in a statement this morning noted that several people have been using a trick of flashing fake COVID-19 results and pretending they are going for treatment as a way to have officers wave them through the checkpoints.

However, he states that the trick will not work anymore, as police have deployed medical personnel and have an order to have such people admitted.

“Some Ugandans have chosen to get fake +ve #Covid19 certificates. When they are stopped by Police, they flash out the papers & claim they are going for treatment. Our officers quickly wave them off than risk “catching” it. We now have health teams to take them for admission,” Kasingye said.

“Let them now know that most hospitals require depositing millions after admission. So, we shall take them for admission rather than wave them off,” he added.

On Friday last week, President Museveni issued directives that included imposing a 42-days lockdown restricting the movement of people to only those who are involved in essential work.

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