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Enanga: We anticipate disgruntled politicians will want to disrupt the swearing ceremony

The police intelligence team anticipates that some groups are planning to do disruptive activities.

The police spokesperson Fred Enanga has warned politicians and individuals who want to disgruntle and disrupt President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s sixth term swearing-in ceremony which is to occur on 12th May 2021 that they will be dealt with.

While addressing journalists on Monday, Enanga said they anticipate that individuals and groups are planning to disrupt the function.

“There are no specific threats directed towards the swearing-in ceremony although we anticipate disruptive activities by disgruntled politicians and supporters whom we anticipate will want to disrupt the process through demonstrations and use of petrol bombs…,” Enanga said.

Enanga said that the police intelligence team anticipates that some groups are planning to do disruptive activities.

“Our joint intelligence team is anticipating many other disruptive activities like burning tyres, blocking roads and holding demonstrations but we are on top of this game…,”

The Police spokesperson said the swearing-in ceremony climaxes the presidential elections but also a symbol of democracy, noting that they can’t afford to allow anyone disrupts the ceremony.

“We are tasked to ensure that the ceremony takes place in a safe environment and we are confident it will proceed securely because it is an activity we have planned for in our security master plan against any threats. We have counter-response plans for any vulnerability…,” He said.

He added, “We have seen threats on social media by some of these negative forces but our joint intelligence teams are continuing to gather intelligence information on all forms of political threats and would-be perpetrators. We have seen them threatening violence and political demonstrations but we have established most of them are mere threats and rhetoric.”

It should be remembered that last week, the UPDF spokesperson, Brig Flavia Byekwaso said there is a group of people fanning violence ahead of the presidential swearing-in by printing and pinning posters and placards but warned they will be crashed.


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