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Museveni receives supporting letter from the French President

In the letter, Macron has appreciated Museveni for developing both the economy and the people of Uganda.

The president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is to swear in for his sixth term on 12 May 2021 has received a letter from the president of France Emmanuel Macron supporting him ahead of his swearing-in ceremony.

“Following your re-election as the President of the Republic of Uganda, I would like to wish you and all Ugandans every success in your new term…,” Macron said.

In the letter, Macron has appreciated Museveni for developing both the economy and the people of Uganda.

“I know how much you have cherished the ideal of a modern and independent Uganda since assuming the office of the Head of State in Uganda. I also know to what extent, under your impetus, Uganda has been transformed and has experienced unprecedented economic and human development…,” He said.

According to Macron, the French government will continue supporting Uganda in her aspirations to create a better country for everyone and strengthen the relationship of both countries.

“I sincerely hope that your new term of office will be an opportunity to deepen the friendship between our two countries, and to develop a relationship of trust in all areas of mutual interest, both political and economic…,” Macron said.

He added, “ I, therefore, hope that the coming years will allow us to cultivate our bilateral dialogue on strategic issues for both countries, especially in supporting the peace process in South Sudan, the stabilization of Somalia and the easing of tensions in the Great Lakes region…,”

Macron said that he also wants to fast-track the construction of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline noting it will be a major opportunity to intensify trade between the two countries and to further expand their cooperation.

“The spirit of dialogue, mutual esteem and respect will enable us to strengthen our bilateral relationship. You can count on me to mobilize French expertise and investors to increase the French economic presence in Uganda and thus give substance to this relationship…,” Macron said.

According to United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade, in 2020, Uganda imported from France goods worth US$51.19million while the East African country exported goods worth US$8.98million during the same time to France.


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