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South Sudan distances self from killed rebel General

Gen. Abraham Wana Yoane succumbed to injuries sustained on Tuesday April 20th after an attack at his house in Nsumbi, Kyebando, Nansana, Wakiso District.

South Sudan ambassador in Uganda has declined information linking the South Sudanese forces to the death of rebel leader Gen. Abraham Wana who was killed in Uganda at his home in Wakiso.

His Excellency Simon Michael Duku the ambassador of the Republic of South Sudan to Uganda made these remarks on KFM during the Hot seat show yesterday evening. 

“The late is not an army general as reports were indicating but rather a rebel leader of one of the rebel forces destabilising Africa’s youngest Nation,” H.E Duku said.

With many pointing out whether the execution was carried out by South Sudanese external forces, the ambassador divides these allegations. 

H.E Duku said, “The execution was not carried out by our army so take any claims of the forces’ in the killing as false. Our forces were not in any way involved in this execution.”

The ambassador added that investigations should be done to find out how the late moved and settled in Uganda. 

The Daily Monitor had earlier reported that Brig Gen Abraham Wanilla Yoane Bondi was stabbed by unknown assailants while at his rented home in Nansana, Wakiso district last Tuesday and died in hospital two days later. 

According to Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire, Gen. Wana who participated in South Sudan’s liberation war was attacked by people who were speaking in a language common in South Sudan.

“It is alleged that the unidentified assailants who were heard speaking in a dialect common in South Sudan robbed his flat-screen TV set, 42 inches, black in colour and a smartphone, HTC by brand. He was cut with sharp deadly weapons in his rented house,” Owoyesigire said.

“The victim was later rushed to Orthodox Namungoona Hospital for first aid before transferring him to International Hospital Kampala where he was pronounced dead,” he added.

Gen. Wana was serving as the Chief of Staff of the rebel opposition group, South Sudan National Salvation Movement for Change/Army (SSNMA/A)

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