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Ssegirinya Is Not Sick But Just Pulling A stunt- Isma Olaxes

A few days ago comical Kawempe North MP-elect Muhamad Ssegirinya was flown to Kenya to receive medical attention in a critical condition.

This all came after Ssegirinya aka Mr Update’s incarceration at Kitalya prison for illegally demonstrating in town demanding the unconditional release of NUP comrades. Ssegirinya whose condition isn’t good at all said that the doctors told him his liver is weak and needs a transplant. Now online blogger Isma Olaxes has thrown some light on what he thinks of this situation. While talking to a local radio station, Isma said that he is sure this is another stunt Ssegirinya is pulling. It is to take away the attention from his lack of academic papers.

“Ssegirinya will return on the 11th of May since he has to swear in on the 12th. All the stunts he’s pulling off saying that his liver is sick and pus oozing out of his body are just comedy”. Isma also went ahead to give his thoughts on why Ssegirinya is doing all he does. “The biggest problem is that he spent a lot of time around Besigye, Lukwago, Nambooze. Many of these opposition figures are good at pulling off stunts’. Segirinya is the Kawempe North MP elect, however his academic qualifications are being challenged by his counterpart Sulaiman Kidandala who took him to court and the duo is awaiting court judgement when the case starts its hearing process.

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