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GNL Zamba Explains How He Made A Billion From His Spear Album

As any artist in Uganda would begin to prepare their next releases, whether it’s a single, EP or full album, they might be asking themselves: how do we get our music on these online platforms? And if we’ve gotten that far, they will also probably be wondering: how can we make money from our music online? Well, on Friday, Baboon Forest Entertainment boss and rapper GNL Zamba took to his Facebook and Instagram to explain how his 6th Studio Album “The Spear” he released in November 2020 made one billion Ugandan shillings in a period of Covid 19 where almost each and everything was on a lockdown.

“How I made a billion shillings during Lockdown on an album that didn’t play on radio & without a show”, Zamba started to explain during his post. “100,000 Paid downloads On an independent platform I own & control, (not spotify, not YouTube or Apple) but gnlzamba.com, Understanding Email Marketing and a monetized international fan base”, GNL Zamba continued to preach to fellow artists and fans.

The Spear by GNL Zamba is an eclectic mix of genres, with its strongest points being when rock meets hip hop where the rapper spent 3 years pouring his personal and spiritual journey of growth into this album thus in a post he stresses how artists need to care about the themes that can sell their albums.

“Understanding ownership & the purpose of the Afropunk (Hiphop / Rock) movement in fighting for justice in the era of universal Pan Africanism & Black Lives Matter, my album is about empowerment through a universal black economy”, Zamba partly ended his post.

In the post, Zamba is simply cautioning artists not to rely on live shows to sell their CDs, EPs, or merch as they would be missing out on a much larger fanbase that is already online. An artist might have raving fans all over the world, but without the opportunity to purchase (and listen to) their music online, those fans will never buy from them.

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