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I’m a victim of domestic violence! – Geosteady


Singer George Williams Kigozi aka Geosteady has finally opened up on what really happened between him and his wife Prima Kardashi Ndagire.

On Thursday, Prima shared a post on social media accusing Geosteady of breaking into her house and destroying most of her property following their nasty breakup.

Prima’s vandalised house property raised many concerns and since then, a section of social media users have been blaming Geosteady for his violent actions towards his baby mama.

But through his social media pages on Friday, Geosteady claimed to be a victim of domestic violence and advised internet users to stop judging him when they know less about what really happened between him and Prima.

“Will men ever be victims of domestic violence oba?? Are we even entitled to the same rights as women?? And you who judge and abuse me do you even know what behind the scenes carry?? THINK ABOUT IT,” he said.

In the Thursday post which Prima later took down, she revealed that she had separated with Geosteady for some days but she doesn’t know why the singer later broke into her house to destroy her items.

“Geosteady you told me you wanted peace of mind. I shifted and gave you peace. You came to my house, broke the door and spoilt everything. What have I done to deserve this?? Why are you so bitter?? Prima said on social media,”she said.

Adding that, “I have been good, taken care of my children and focused. I have stayed out of the media despite anything but WHY? What did I do to you really? WHY me?”

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