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NRM bicycles stir controversy in Kalungu district

The distribution of bicycles to National Resistance Movement-NRM village chairpersons has stirred controversy in Kalungu district among party members.

Late last month, the NRM secretariat procured a total of 68,733 bicycles that are being distributed to party village chairpersons across the country to support them mobilize for the party.

However, in Kalungu district the distribution process has generated sharp controversies as party members clash over the relevance of persons receiving the bicycles. A section of NRM members from Lwabenge sub county have put up a serious resistance during the distribution of bicycles in that area arguing that some village chairpersons are completely inactive with no significance to mobilization.

Ronald Buule, the village NRM mobilization secretary for Nkasaga-Bwessa A argues that many village chairpersons in the area are not actively participating the party mobilization activities hence not being appropriate recipients for the bicycles.

Buule demanded that the bicycles should only be given to leaders that are actively involved in party activities as an encouragement to continue with their much needed mobilization efforts towards party building.

He insisted on taking the bicycle instead of the chairperson who he accused of being dormant.

Charles Kimbowa, the vice chairperson of Kassebwera village, Lwabenge sub county also demanded to be given the bicycle over the chairperson whose legitimacy is still in question.

Kimbowa explains that their party village chairperson died shortly after being elected in office but to his dismay, unscrupulous persons were conspiring to give the bicycle to another person other than him who has been actively performing the party’s responsibilities.

The disagreements between leaders have prompted Hajji Twaha Kiganda Ssonko the NRM district chairperson for Kalungu to hold back the bicycles of the dispute-ridden villages, to allow time for reconciling the warring parties.

But Hajj Abby Kigozi Walusimbi, the chairperson of NRM league in the diaspora who coordinated the delivery of the bicycles says they primarily focused at the party chairpersons at villages as they continue mobilizing resources to include other village executive members.

Kalungu district was allocated a total 268 bicycles meant to be distributed across villages in the area.




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