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Geosteady Dumps his Wife Prima Again, Breaks Into Her Apartment And Spoils Her Assets Worth Millions

Prima reveals that Geosteady chased her out of his bonking pad a few weeks back following a nasty break.

her Facebook post which she has since pulled down, Prima accuses the R n b star of breaking into her apartment with out shame and spoiling valuables worth millions of cash.

“Geosteady u told me u wanted peace of mind

I shifted n gave u peace

U came to my house

Broke the door n spoilt every thing

What have i done to deserve this????????

Why are you so bitter?

I have been good, taken care of my children n focused.

I have stayed out of media despite anything

Y ????

Nakukolaki mazima dala??

Y me??”, Prima posted.

Earlier this year in March, one of the concerned online in-laws,  tipped London based blogger Ritah Kaggwa that Prima and Geosteady had parted ways but no one took her serious.

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